Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the mini-me with carrot

mini me

Feeling somewhat stressed right now - for various reasons, both good and bad I suppose - so today will nearly be a Wordless Wednesday in blog. Behold my Mini-Me, or the Bunny-Me, the lover of carrots. And yes, Mini-Me likes pink too. My perfect Mini-Me was spotted in that great bag of fabrics. Since then I've felt the wee fellow deserved a mini post of his/her own.


Kea said...

Mini-Me is adorable.

I certainly hope your stresses ease; there must be something in the air, making its way around the globe this week. :-/

spudballoo said...

Oh he's adorable, i can't believe that's an Ikea fabric. I followed the link to your bargain bag of fabric - wow what a stash and for so little money. I'm very very jealous ;-)


Pia K said...

thank you, kea, oh for positive stress that can be inspiring when you work for a good goal, and not this crappety crap bad one...:/

hey, spud, i know, i can't really grasp my luck either, ikea and all that...!

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