Monday, September 27, 2010

scottish meet british


Certainly an irresistible tin for a Scotlandophile (like me). And castle buff. Found in that wonderful antique-bric-a-brac-thrift store in quaint Nora. Once upon a summer time.


The tin has dancing and piping men in kilts, castles and glorious bits of that magic Scottish landscape - some cows and sheep and it would be even more perfect - and once held Scotch toffee. It's new life will possibly be as the holder of tea bags.


A Scottish tin perhaps not irresistible for one brit (as in British Shorthair), but certainly tolerated by inspector Siri. Because no matter what, the inspecting paw session must be dutifully held.


Before the possible tea-tin will be a holder of tea, it's even more possibly that it will be the very holder of the blogoversary giveaway drawing. Which I'm planning to get to come weekend.

I can tell you that the men on tin wearing tartan skirts are just beside themselves for that most distinguished task, their wee feet swirling and twirling with joy. Which eager little helper that will help with the drawing, that remains to be seen. Though with quite the certainty it can be said, that it will be a Brit of some sort, a Shorthair kitty or a Norfolker loaf.


P.K said...

What a great tin! I too am very fond of things Scottish.

mangocheeks said...

Very cute. I think you need to fill that Scottish tin with some Scottish teabags. These days you can get Scotch whiskey and heather flavour.

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