Thursday, September 16, 2010

september thursday

sergels torg evening

This evening we sat on first row seeing a wonderful, quirky one-man-show called Sit Down Tragedy. About the selfish mankind's arrogance, narrow-mindedness and overexploitation of nature and other animals. It brought laughter and tears. Highly recommended for those who happen to be in Stockholm understanding Swedish.

Afterwards when we walked to the train-station it was a rather beautiful autumn evening in the city, don't you think?

stockholm evening

I hope to get some real writing mojo and energy back come weekend, until then, care to read about my week in shoes, hop over to shoe per diem for Sept 14 pre-voting, Sept 15 photographical red and Sept 16 yellow and red.

And there's still time to enter the
blogoversary give-away, you know...

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