Wednesday, September 01, 2010

september flowers


Today is the first day of Autumn. The day, it seems, many of us are not quite ready for as yet. Just as summer came upon us without spring having had the chance to say a proper hallo, it feels like autumn came before summer had a chance to linger on, say goodbye. Still hope for some glorious days of Indian summer to come.

Even though I am an autumn child I've never really embraced the season - though I loved going back to school after those long, lovely summer days of childhood - until somewhat these past few years. Yes there are stunning autumn colours, tea and candles, layering of clothes, wool, tweed, scarves, hats, crisp air and no guilt whatsoever for indoors activities. But, there's also the very final goodbye to another summer, another year and for that I feel nothing but utter melancholy.


I wish to think, as some are able to, of autumn as a new beginning. I am not quite there yet. Though I am in desperate - something which may not be obvious on the outside, shown to all or in blog - need of change, of suitable, much awaited, hoped and worked for new beginnings.

Today's flowers in blog are the delightful blend of summer and autumn, picked on the last summer weekend. I hope, wish for them to linger on in my rooms a while longer. Aster, dahlia and dog flower.




Lola Nova said...

What lovely flowers. It seems we are in the same melancholy mood.

Kea said...

This is a wonderful post and the flowers are absolutely lovely.

I don't consider autumn to begin until the Equinox--think it's the 23rd this year--so we still have a few weeks of summer remaining, at least officially. Once this heat wave passes and the temperatures drop back to normal, though, I'm sure I'll feel more "fall-ish."

But I certainly don't think of autumn as a beginning; for me, that's Spring. Fall is at time to pull into oneself and wind down. :-)

lbc flower delivery said...

Oh' your September flowers are so pretty! I love it. It is more better if you put it in a vase. Thanks for sharing!


Pia K said...

thank you, alex, yes indeed, two great minds...;)

thanks, kea, well then i will have to wait until the equinox before i begin complaining for real then...;)

thank you, yumi, don't worry the flowers were returned to their vases after finished photo session:)

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