Sunday, September 19, 2010

knit it like the 1970ies

1975 knitting pattern

Looking back at fashion of the 1970ies it's pretty amazing we made it through that decade alive - the risk of having laughed ourselves to death seems quite overwhelming. Myself I was a wee one so I didn't think about the term fashion or style back then obviously. But flipping through the pages of old 197oies craft books makes me wonder about the garment sanity, once again, and ideas of style.

I do love people with their own sense of style, who don't want to belong to the grey mass, but perhaps, possibly, maybe there is such a thing as... trying a bit too much?

1975 knitting pattern

Or showing a tad much? The things nightmare are made of: a male bathing suit made in Bulgarian cotton yarn.

1975 knitting pattern

The family look happy enough, but I can't help but feeling slight discomfort when looking at picture. Granted maybe that has something to do with the very scary beard man rather than the knits though.

1975 knitting pattern

I did find a pattern for a knitted feminist coat, even if I very much understand and sympathize with the why I'm far less sure about the when to wear, personally I do prefer to make less bold statements when it comes to politics. And the danger of collapsing due to heaviness and heat exhaustion seems quite apparent.

However, I am seriously contemplating making a new snazzy skirt for next year's
Brocken broom ride. See, it's totally me and liquorice Waldemar already on that skirt!

1975 knitting pattern


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I have that book, it's the first knitting book I ever bought!
There was a companion book about sewing clothes which I also bought and made a lot of the clothes from at the time. Everything was multicoloured and seemed voluminous, I made a Sami style coat from a thick blue felted wool blanket ...ideal for the Arctic less use in the south of England where I was living at the time!

Kea said...

LOL! I loved this post, Pia. Yes, styles were rather frightening, weren't they? I was born in 1964, so remember my mom and I both wearing rather garish prints during the early to mid part of the 70s--she sewed some of our clothing (dresses).

Fortunately, my dad never did have a scary beard like that fellow in the family portrait. :-P

BTW, I still have a basic knitting book from the 1960s, a "how-to" for beginners. Fortunately, the patterns are for scarves and hats and mitts, some afghans, nothing too bizarre.

RedPat said...

That certainly took me back - everyone looks familiar somehow! Great post.

Felis said...

Ha-ha, nostalgic :). I'm from Bulgaria and I've head yarn used to be a better quality than it is nowadays.Unfortunately now most of the yarn in the market is imported.

P.K said...

Scary photos, did people really dress like that? The bathing suits, frightening. What were they thinking?

family law Toronto said...

after many years, our clothes will seem funny also
only the usual things are normal for us
in the same time some thing that we are not accustomed to see, are cause laughter or anger

Pia K said...

oh, a small world indeed, xtiand! i can just picture that coat...;)

ha, ha, i think the seventies kind of let everything loose, kea (although the eighties are pretty horrid too), the sixties still had style:)

thanks, redpat!

indeed, some things were better then, felis, not the style but the quality for sure.

i know, p.k, i think the seventies were probably the most scary of all centuries in hindsight, fashionwise.

thank you for stopping by, toronto family law.

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