Monday, September 20, 2010

the election outcome


The election votes aren't quite all counted for yet, but most probably there will be a new party playing a part in the government. A nationalist party. For so many years, due to the established parties, and we as a society, unwillingness to have a sound debate regarding the issue of the sadly collapsed integration and immigration politics in Sweden, this time has been coming.

It is heartbreaking and unfortunate that party politics, and we as a reasonably healthy society, could have dealt with this on an earlier stage. But chose not to.

An open debate is what democracy is all about, not the constant throwing of suspicion regarding intent, the obvious conscious 'misconception' of statements and proposals. Most people, politicians or not, really should take a step back and stop being so darn annoyingly single-eyed and narrow-minded.

Right now the politicians are engulfed in casting the blame on 'the other side' (why am I not the least bit surprised, soul-searching and self-criticism are rare politician qualities, self-righteousness though, very much, is). Definitely not looking at the cause, only how to avoid being near the ugly symptom.

When the established parties have miserably failed to do something decent and good with this whole issue for many a decade - and now act like petulant children instead of the constructive grown-ups one might possibly think they are - I have serious doubts the good that should come from this will do. I fear that not even a nationalist party in the government is a real wake-up call for the average (Swedish) politician.

For the Swedish reader, here are three well-written and constructive debate elements -

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