Thursday, September 23, 2010

autumnal equinox


Now is the time we can no longer ignore the fact that it is Autumn in the Nordic hemisphere, the autumnal equinox has arrived. Which makes me wistful, and I think it does call for some autumnalequinoxal treat... Let's see what the day may bring.

With some Swedish autumn glimpses
I wish every well-deserver
a lovely
equinoxic day,
toodeloo ~



flying south


Kea said...

Lovely photos for this first day of Autumn!

My idea of a treat would be a chai latté and biscotti right now. :-)

A Bun Can Dance said...

Beautiful photos, Pia! I would love to be sitting on the patio in the first photo, overlooking the lake and maybe drinking a hot chocolate.
Happy Equinox to you,
Denise x

julochka said...

wait, it wasn't already autumn? huh? then why has it been raining for days and blowing all of the leaves down? i wish they'd send a calendar to the weather gods at google...

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