Wednesday, September 29, 2010

first sock day

shoe per diem, sept 29, 2010
shoe per diem, sept 29, 2010 - ms stripey

One day soon I hope I will be able to write a long post again - the terrible back-log and all that, because I really want to write, show and tell. And no, I don't see it as a must and a burden to blog, but sometimes a good film, a decent knit, a bucket of paint or a bed with fresh, crispy sheets seem so much more... appealing somehow - but for now; today was the first day of sock wearing this season.

The morning was awfully cold actually - and the weather forecasts have threatened with frost any day now - so socks it was. And even if I am the proud owner of a mighty fine sock stock it was rather sad to be forced to cover up so completely after all these glorious months of bare-legged life.

But I made sure the socks were perky.

And I had a later lunch that was rather perky too - it totally hit the right hungry Pia spot, the way I felt inclined to sing a wee diddly (like I always did when a kid, when something tasted lovely, I sang a little song while eating) - at one favourite place to unpretentious eat.

lunch and shoe per diem sept 29, 2010

And the skies were bluer than blue, so despite there being one of those dreadful days of constant train delays - again, already, on constant repeat - it was a reasonably upbeat day. Which I credit to the stripey socks of course.



Kea said...

It would be impossible to be sad or forlorn or despondent wearing those stripey socks! I think I should look around for some funky socks too. LOL. All of mine, like the rest of me, are plain colours: white, black, navy, brown. Boring.

Okay, I need to spice up my wardrobe with new socks! Maybe they also would bring me a lovely lunch out at a good restaurant. And blue skies!

Lola Nova said...

How perky indeed, you know how much I love a stripey sock!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello dear !
Loving the socks and stripey skirt too :-)
Hey, I'm sending you a letter via Sorcha's letter swap - what fun!! Have you still got my email? If not here 'tis: and can you please send me your postal address. Oh, so pleased I get to write to you !!!
D x

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