Monday, September 27, 2010

red shoes, red boots


Shh, don't tell anyone, but I have, ahem, made a serious red winter (pre-birthday gift to self) investment - I seem to fancy a lot of red items as lately, even if I have always loved red it hasn't been an as obvious choice as pink is, but now red, red, red, red it is. And shall be. All autumn, winter long -

spelling; r-e-d b-o-o-t-s. And
name of brand is of course simply superfluous. Let's just call it the colourful-cute-good-to-feet-brand, right? Right.

These ones are much redder than
last year's boots - and taller, which makes me wonder, what do you call tall/er shaft boots ("stövlar" in Swedish) compared to (short shaft) boots (which we refer to as boots or "kängor" in Sweden)? Sometimes I do miss distinctions like that in English... - and quite the hue I adore. Just the perk me up hue I seem to need a lot of on these blue days...

Even if the hue is different and the shaft a taller one the model and sole is the same, and my favourite, the kind that has been so good to my feet, Iggdrasil.

Ah, in the dreamy best of worlds I would have a pair of each colour and style (clogs, Oxfords, Mary-Janes, boots, tall boots)... And in the bestest of best worlds they would of course not be made in leather but in pleather and the likes...

Since I don't plan to wear them until the weather completely invites me to, the proper introduction to and user's review of one pair of very snazzy winter boots will have to wait. So for now, enjoy the glimpse of their very well shaped toes and their kindred red warmer weather shoes -
that I hope to enjoy wearing for some seasonal time still -

and let us agree that red shoes, in any shape and form must give the goodest of vibes and mean the bestest of luck...!

Hopes of a Happy Monday and an even Happier Week ~ ~



A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh yes to it all ! Dear Pia, I sometimes think you and are are twins separated at birth as we love so many of the same things. As soon as I saw the title of this post my heart skipped a beat and I knew I was in for JOY all the way! If I had my way, the only colour I'd wear on my feet would be RED - there is nothing more splendid than red shoes apart from red boots - I adore red boots!!!!!!!!!
And now that we are post-Utmost challenge I shall go browse the website for your much recommended footwear and see if there's anything I might adore there too - well of course I'll adore it, but it's whether or not my purse can afford it!!
Wishing you many happy warmer days in the red shoes and bring on the boots ASAP !!
Denise x

P.K said...

Oh yes, red shoes, boots slippers, socks, anything red on my feet is sheer joy. Lovely red shoes and boots!! In art, royalty and saints wear red shoes. I guess that explains it. Wishing you a good week!

Kea said...

Oh, wonderful red boots and shoes. Especially those boots! Love them!

Just wait till winter, and I'll post a pic of *my* boots on my blog. Having seen my walking footwear, you already know what to expect. ROTFL!

heidikins said...

Oooooh, I love these! And I love love LOVE your striped tights!


Poppy Q said...

Ohhhh I am super jealous of your lovely new boots. Wish we could buy El naturalista here.

Pia K said...

thank you kindly all for your sweet comments! i'm rubbish at replying on comments these days, months, years, but i do treasure each and everyone of them:) and more red shoes to to the people!!!

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