Thursday, September 30, 2010

two vegan soups

vegan soup

I would like to eat more vegan. But even if I find the dairy industry in general quite appalling I'm still selfishly struggling with the idea of how to survive without regular milk in my tea, a bit of whipped cream, a dash of creme fraiche now and then, halloumi, quorn, feta and other vegetarian cheeses and eggs (though always free range of course), thus for now the other kinds of milk will be used in cooking and baking only.

And soups are such easy way to go vegan with. Along with the trusty hand mixer it's truly a miracle what one can accomplish with a bunch of veggies, sunflower oil, water, herbs and a dash of oats grain milk and some cooking time. No recipes needed.

I've had the uttermost pleasure of enjoying two excellent such soups this last week. The above one is with squash, carrots and basil. Very satisfying and perky.


And the one I made such a big pot of so we've had it 2,5 days in a row now is a take of "the world's best potato and leek soup" which I use to make (but which has creme fraiche as ingredient too). Now without creme fraiche but a generous amount of black pepper and basil instead. Very nourishing and perfect autumnal/wintry.

Both very quick to make. Which always is a plus in my book of food. Since I do have a strong tendency to not begin cooking before I'm famished (in every I-country sense of the word).

I think this upcoming weekend (the first of October already!) will be a good one to try out some more vegan recipes from that fine "Vegan Paradiso" book, not to mention finally break in "Vegan Feasts" by Rose Elliott I got back in June...


Kea said...

Both soups look delicious!

I'm not vegan or even vegetarian...Actually went vegan for about 6 months, quite some years ago, but couldn't manage to sustain it. I don't eat a lot of meat, but I do like it. LOVE fish, almost any fish/shellfish. And I eat cheese every day, eggs several times a week. Life feeds on life, that's an inescapable reality. But what's not good at all is how our food today is produced. Nothing ethical about it.

Growing up as I did in the country, we grew our own veggies and we lived on moose meat, fish, etc. All hunted and caught by friends of dad. In some ways, I feel that's better because the animal has lived its life in the wild, as intended, and has provided much-needed food. Of course, times are different now for those of us who live in cities, unless we are getting our meat from someone local who raises beef or chickens, pigs, etc. naturally. That seems so rare, though.

Oh, by the way, my dad lives about 4000 kms away from me, so I shall not be biking in the mountains any time soon! (No mountains in our area, either, it's very flat.)

mangocheeks said...

Tis the soup season and both these look very good.

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