Monday, September 06, 2010

morfar ginko

morfar ginko's new blind

There's a popular bar in Stockholm called Morfar Ginko - looks rather fab, but I've never visited. Not yet - (Grandpa Ginko) named after a character in a radio show in the 1950ies.

Last weekend, at the car boot sale I found the original book from 1954 about Grandpa and Grandma Ginko. Quite entertaining, especially the part where Santa Claus gives Grandpa some yarn and a needle so he can mend his own socks instead of taking for granted Grandma would do it.

It seems though, from the book cover, that it's a translation from English and that the original writer is someone named A. Roy Alexander. Still curious about the story behind the book/character, I've googled the writer's name in vain. Does anybody know the original story, the writer, the book?

morfar gingko


Charlie Niven said...

Hej Pia
I also have a copy of that book and it has some more information written on the inside of the front cover.
"This book was written in the Kitchen of Kildrummy Manse. Achieved fame on BBC and on Swedish Broadcasting System."
Aug 1957 initialled by (possibly) Pf. hr.

It is also signed by the author with a dedication to Mrs Elizabeth Christie Brown Nov 1954.

I too have been trying to find out more about this in UK/Scotland without much success.


PS have you seen our cat Smulan?

Charlie Niven said...

I did a bit more searching on the web about this book. It seems to be an edited compilation of the scripts of the SR programmes-there are some clips of films showing the radio show on Youtube-I think it is safe to say that it is not the translation of a book originally written in English.
There does not seem to be a comprehensive radio archive of BBC broadcasts and since most of the people who might have been involved are probably dead now it could be hard to find out more but I will keep on trying...

PS our cat returned yesterday :-)

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