Friday, September 03, 2010

tree tee and moomin gal

On our day trips to Åland - in July and in August, and yes I am aware of having promised to write and show a few times now. I really will. Soon - I've managed to score big time when it comes to the most peachy of garments.

tree tee

First I got this wonderful Marimekko tree T-shirt for a great sale price. I love not only the print, but the jersey quality is wonderful as is the detail of crossed straps in back. We've had some fun together past summer and hopefully will for years to come.

And then we have the dress, oh the dress extraordinaire. I did flirt with it on that July trip but it was sticky hell to try on clothes and as we were two ladies trying on things I tried mine on in the minuscule shop's office space and toilet. Could neither see or really feel how it fitted. So I only went for the tree tee at that time.

But I really couldn't forget the short-sleeved tunic dress, so I popped by the Marimekko shop next we were in Mariehamn. This time the weather was more forgiving when it came to taking off, trying on stuff and I decided to try on the 3/4 sleeve longer dress too. Both styles came in two colour combinations, one pink-blue-grey-white and the green-lime-orange-turquoise-white.

The instant I tried the longer dressed on I felt like a quirky, happy, gamine kind of Moomin-character. Just the dress to wear on a gloomy autumn-winter day. I loved the green colours summer-flower-fieldness, but the pink one was such a lovely perky, my kind of colours, wintry thing. Unfortunately I felt that only size left was tad too small. So I went with fun-flower-field instead.

It will work great on its own, but also with leggings, trousers or a simple skirt, with a blouse under, a waistcoat on top, cardigan or not. The fabric is lovely, stretchy and thick, the model quite perfect, the colours and pattern happiness impersonated.

In my desperate attempt to keep autumn at bay still I have not begun wearing long sleeved jumpers yet. But who knows, with temperatures rapidly dropping to +7 C only these days, there just may be such a thing as Moomin dress inauguration this weekend.


Have a happy weekend,
flowery dress wearing or not!

And as far as Moomin characters go, one feels kind of like a blend of Little My, Mymble and Fillyjonk when trying this dress on only. Just imagine what it would feel like wearing it all day... And with this dress and Moomin scissors in hand one would of course be quite invincible.


Poppy Q said...

Ohhhhh I am so jealous of your t-shirt Miss Pia - so pretty, and I would wear it too.

Now, can I ask you a question? Would you fit into a size 39 pair of El naturalista clogs? Let me know -

Julie Q

Pia K said...

thanks, julie!
oh no, they didn't fit? sorry but i usually wear size 40 and with el naturalistas i actually have to go up a size too, so no a pair of 39 wouldn't fit me either:/

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