Thursday, September 09, 2010

what will become of the granny squares


Hopefully these granny squares - which needless to say is a very very addictive way to practise yarn and hook skills - will not fall into category of (half) forgotten half finished projects of mine. Because as a season draws to an end, my drive to finish any seasonal projects tends to evaporate. Thus I may not finish this project - which most probably spells s-c-a-r-f. Yup another addiction of mine which must be very obvious too by know - until spring comes.


The yarn was bought over a year ago - the same small Swedish company that created the purple - green yarn of recent purchase, which is my current in-front-of-telly-yarn-project alongside another nearly finished one. And if you've guessed the outcome of them both to be scarves too, well then you've guessed right... - with the then intention of taking up the art of macrame again.

Which obviously didn't happen. I took the hanks with me on summer holiday and began making the ol' faithful (surprise) granny square. I have an idea on how the scarf will look, but as the summer season alas is no more here, wearing of these kind of scarves will be a non-issue in the months to come, merging of these pink, blue, white squares will probably wait until next year. Perhaps.


Besides now is soon the time of magic socks again (and ahem, half finished woolly scarf and shawl projects...). And as if last season's sock posts weren't enough, oh do I have some delightful new ones to blog-show, tell and put the last finishing touches to...

In the track of summer yarns come the winter ones and all the possibilities that hold, for that I am grateful. Both from a creative, therapeutically and relaxation point of view, since a ball of yarn nearby is a must in my life.


Anonymous said...

You are so creative! I love it!


Kea said...

Looking at your lovely photos and pretty granny squares reminds me that I have a knitting project, started in July, that is only half-complete. ::Sigh::

Pia K said...

thank you kindly, paz and kea!

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