Friday, August 23, 2013

follow your passion


"Follow your passion" may be a cliché, but surprisingly many clichés stem from undeniable truths. Truths that we not always feel comfortable to embrace and acknowledge, truths that are not always easy to live by in a society like ours.

Nevertheless I truly believe that to live by your passion, to engage in things you believe in, things that matters, whether it be job, personal life, hobbies is one of the most important things we can do in life.

I wish everyone's circumstances would allow them to follow their passions, have the time and opportunities to seek them out, alas that isn't so. But for all of us who have the chance to do so, I think we owe that to ourselves and the world to do just that.

If you work and live with passion, you'll do a much better job, live a much richer life. And inspire others to do so too. And in doing so making the world a dash happier, better world to be in. I do believe passion is an infectious thing of the best kind.

Another kind of wonderful passion - a more tangible, edible sort - is of course passionfruit. This simple dessert is just delightful, quite the perfect treat.

~ Half a peeled, sliced and diced galia melon
~ One passionfruit
~ A few scoops of ice cream (in this case the vegan Tofuline vanilla)

A small first step to live a more passionate life, perhaps?


Have a passionate weekend ~

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

While one of our cats (once) ate a piece of pineapple core, I cannot imagine any of them being interested in melon or passion fruit. (Ice cream is a different matter.) All the more for me.

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