Monday, August 19, 2013

hairy musings


Last hairdresser appointment was in early June. A long hot, sun drenched summer can be rather hard on the hair. Admittedly I quite love how my hair has looked and behaved this summer - I credit the linseed oil capsules for that - but it was also in dire need of some professional TLC.

And even if I'm very much a curly gal these days - which is also quite a mystery, the older I get, the curlier my hair gets - and loving it - there's just something madly creative and liberating about it, not to mention easily maintained - I thought I should have a go at the flat ironing thing today. Turned out that this is apparently how long my hair has grown, it isn't very obvious when it's curly. Pretty cool me thinks. And look, as a bonus I got a little hearty Dalecarlian horse growing on my shoulder.

Changing my hairstyle for a day made me think about hairdos and impressions. And these are my very personal conclusions;

~ as much as I love how a straight and shiny haircut looks great on others it will never be really me. Partly because it would mean high maintenance since it isn't a natural look for me - these days, it was until I began high school when my hair oddly enough changed and very much more so these past 5-6 years -, partly because I thoroughly enjoy a bit of a messy, creative, active look.

~ straight, well-groomed hair signals professionalism and seriousness, a certain kind of cool and aloofness. While curly, wavy hair in general signals creativity, a bit of mischief, fun and easy-goingness. Which of course is quite the simplification, still my straight hair-day and the way I felt while looking in the mirror was quite different from what I usually feel when I stare back at myself.

As a friend said about it, "it looks lovely but I'm just not used to seeing you looking so... compliant". And even if my name actually derives from the Latin word for "pious", well, compliant is certainly something I am not. Funny how thought provoking a change of hairdo can be.

How about you, do you enjoy changing your hairstyles or not?
Colours, cuts, bangs?
Have your hair changed naturally with age,
lighter, darker, straighter, curlier?

haircut day

Nb, the bobbaloos made me do it (the photo booth at Fotografiska museum is granted pretty fun),
I still have a "no photos allowed" rule.


Elephant's Child said...

I am curly. And getting more so. My requirement for a hair style is that it is wash and wear. No product required and no blow drying.

Growing Up Gramma said...

My hair is very curly and very frizzy. Very much noncompliant

Marie said...

I'm terribly boring and have had the same haircut for the last fifty plus years! My hair is very thin (though I have a lot of it, thankfully) and dead straight. I just get it cut into a bob with a part on the left side every three months or so.

I'm still quite blonde, with a little grey around the sides of my head. I can't be bothered with hair colour or getting streaks done, so I leave it the way it is. As a child I had almost white hair that turned green in the swimming pool. It started to darken in my mid twenties, about the same time I had children.

The only other change as I've aged is that my hair is a little drier, which is a good thing as it was always a bit on the oily side when I was young.

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