Tuesday, August 13, 2013

it's difficult to get good cleaning help


Two years ago I got the small sized woollies this perfectly agreeable vacuum. It's pink, it shouldn't be too difficult to use, they were very delighted at the prospect to do their deed in this household (or so they said). We had a little course, instructions on the how, where and when - so to be quite honest I am very disappointed that two years later none of them have shown any vacuuming initiative whatsoever. And I don't think one can blame it all on the presence of menacing cats.


So I still have to take out the red snazzy one for the occasional spin around the domains.

It apparently is difficult to find good cleaning help. On the other hand, the bobbaloos certainly live life by that fine fine motto 'A clean house is a sign of a wasted life', they prioritize travels, exploring, lounging, chatting, sleeping, cuddling, having fun, vegetarian eating and cakes. And that are of course priorities I can wholeheartedly can understand.



Elephant's Child said...

No bobbaloos here (which is sad) and the cats hate, loathe and despise the 'suck monster'.

Growing Up Gramma said...

Oh, the bobs are quite the intelligent little critters.

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