Sunday, August 11, 2013

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Continuing on the for sanity and creativity's sake path of not reading/watching/listening to news - and every time I can't escape because someone else (not as enlightened...) insists IT IS A MUST TO LISTEN TO THE NEWS in an enclosed space my heart sinks and I instantly feel anger and despair at all this stupidity and evil humankind is causing. Which of course completely confirms my no news-decision a few months back... Being in a happy place ftw on so many levels! - here are a few texts and images I've read and looked at recently which have been inspiring, interesting, entertaining and in some ways eye-opening.

:: I posted this link of a graduation speak about kindness a few weeks ago, but I fear it wasn't read by a lot. It really is a great read though, about the one major thing one will regret by the end of the day is not showing enough kindness in life.

:: 30 very British problems - which could just as well be very Swedish problems (that's one reason we feel kindred spirits with the brits I'd say, we often relate to the same silly human behaviour and humour)

:: In case you didn't know it already the colour pink (my favourite) was concidered a masculine colour as late as in the early 20th century. And the really ridiculousness called gendered clothing didn't pick up until the 1950ies. Read more about it here

:: Portraits of men wearing their girlfriends' clothes - love this!

:: "There are too many interesting women I have not had the experience to know in this life because I have been brainwashed with the concept of beauty", Dustin Hoffman on the role as Tootsie

:: 5 ways to turn on your inner GPS - a rather obvious read, though good as a reminder but which also makes for a laugh when you compare it to this one (also previously blogged in this post) 12 habits of happy, healthy people who don't give sh*t about your inner peace

:: Keep learning, growing and life will not pass you by - people who aren't curious, stuck in old patterns, unwilling to learn new things and change scare me

:: Unfortunate publishing layouts of our time - oops!

:: Awkward modeling poses acted out by cats - hilarious! Of course.

In general awe of projects on urban farming and the likes, like this Biospheric Project in Manchester. Oh if only more people could spend their time and energy with projects like this, making the world a better place...

Now, feel free to give me links to more great reads!

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Elephant's Child said...

Some wonderful links there - thank you.
I loved (naturally) the cats - and thought that they mostly looked MUCH better than the models.
Most of the men in their girlfriend's clothing looked a tad uncomfortable. And rightly so - it wasn't a good look for many of them.

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