Sunday, August 25, 2013

welcome the last week of summer


I won't say that this summer has flown by, because it has certainly been filled with wonderful things of various kinds, fantastic meetings, great people, new places discovered, old places rekindled, lovely food, awesome thinking and amazing weather.

That said it's difficult to grasp that we're now entering the final week of summer here in the Northern hemisphere. Because even if the evenings are darker, there's a distinct chill in the winds more regularly, the sun is perhaps not as generously warm as a few weeks back, the summer still feels very present.

But I also have a slightly melancholy feeling over the illusion of summer and remember a phrase from a favourite book about the end of summer, which goes something like this;

That bittersweet turn, when we deceive ourselves thinking summer is still with us. Whilst that illusion makes us unaware of the fact that the mousetrap clangs shut and traps the fair days for this season...

Since I'm very much still in a happy place I find beauty in this melancholy, trying to make the most of these lingering days - with hopes for a fantastic Indian summer September of course - and there's absolutely no reason for this last week of August not to be absolutely glorious in every single way. Sunshine and metaphorical fireworks in celebration of one of the best summers in a long time,

let's make this week a simply marvelous one!


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Elephant's Child said...

Here we are in the last week of winter - and Spring pushed her way in a week or two ago...

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