Monday, August 12, 2013

monday musings

budapest july 2013

Overall a great day, got a lot of work done including things that feel rather uncomfortable and awkward - but which of course due to their uncomfortableness is the thing that makes one grow - and here are some things I will take with me from today;

~ Keep coming back to the fact that having work meetings and working at cafes really do bring out a lot of creativity and productivity. Which this article about the hum of a coffee shop sums up pretty well. Although the background noises, the amount of customers, the sound level have to be just perfect for the right boost of creativity, not too over- or underwhelming. And preferably the coffee/tea and food has to be great.

~ Also worth reading is this article about motherhood and how to raise a daughter (forgot to include it in yesterday's post about articles worth reading) . What an inspirational child and clearly a mother (parents/family) who've done a brilliant job raising a great human being on so many levels. What a wonderful world it would be if more humans/parents would/were able to do such a great deed.

~ You should never take for granted that people who actively register their profiles in professional networking sites like LinkedIn and such completely grasp the concept or use. And that those people can see fit to reply to perfectly normal, short and friendly in-messages in quite offensive ways.

Message those people;
a) you don't need to register your profile on sites in case you don't see the use of it,
b) you don't need to send to nor accept invites from possible connections in case you see fit to be plain rude if they get in contact with perfectly friendly, short in-messages,
c) in case you're unsure on the whys and whos you can either completely ignore and delete said messages or simply say something unbinding, neutral and friendly,
d) it isn't necessary to reply to every message/email. Really.

It's always a relief when most people turn out to be perfectly neutral and friendly in said cases though.

~ As I've mentioned quite frequently these past few months (and even more so since Budapest which was crazy filled with such moments) there have been a lot of serendipity in my life lately, a lot of ties coming together, coincidences which amaze me. Talking to a friend/business partner about this today and she said she knew the feeling, it feels like magic somehow, but really maybe this is meant to be the normal status in life.

That when we are open, in tune, in the zone, in a happy place, in balance, whatever one calls the special mood, that we then take notice of the surroundings, of people, opportunities that are always there but when we are fully occupied with the treadmill, the puzzle of life, our own expectations, society's expectations, the stupidity of musts then we do not take notice of those serendiptacious (new word according to me) things we would otherwise see and embrace.

Instead we feel it's somehow magic when serendipity occurs. Which of course also is rather a nice feeling, but quite possibly we'd have even more fun and opportunities grasped if we were more insightful and in tune with ourselves on a regular basis instead.

I heart when friends open my eyes to new ideas. I heart it even more when the friend in question is also a business partner. And that life saw it fit to let our paths cross at the right time. Serendipity.

~ Frustration and matters that could be handled in a more professional way, things that ought to run more smoothly and efficiently can also be seen as opportunities to solve issues creatively, handle problems in a well-skilled way, to shine. And that those frustrations and issues in hindsight can open up to new, fabulous ideas and opportunities that would never have occured with a smooth ride. That matters that run smoothly only do not help you learn new things or grow. A (slightly) bumpy ride is in the end much more rewarding.

What insights have you taken with you on this August Monday?

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Elephant's Child said...

Hooray for serendipity. Such a magical word and concept and sometimes reality.

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