Saturday, August 03, 2013

two darlin' green bottles

green bottles

A couple of years ago I asked if anyone had tried the Love Peace Planet range, since noone said yes or no to it I just went ahead and bought a bottle of hairspray-ish liquid. And I am so not sorry I did, the cherry almond scent is wonderful (and gives compliments like ' how nice your hair smells') and it does make a great AND natural job, unpretentious curls and volume (because surely it couldn't be the hair itself, nah...). Not cheap but very long lasting and organic. Many thumbs up from me.

The other bottle is an aloe vera, alo Allure, drink I don't think I would have tried had I not been offered it at a business meeting recently. I've been enjoying a lot of aloe vera products lately, mostly skincare things, and this one drink is certainly one of the most enjoyable I've had this summer (and believe you me, I have had quite a few fruity good things) - just delicious, rather enchanting (I love mango) actually and to be honest I felt quite an energy buzz all afternoon and evening. All and all, delighted to make its acquaintance, delighted indeed.

Have you made any special new green friends recently?

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Elephant's Child said...

They both look wonderful.

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