Friday, August 30, 2013

happy last august weekend ~


Some things I've learnt and/or had confirmed this past week - which has been, I repeat, overall  a w e s o m e! - are;

~ networking and selling via channels you're comfortable with can work perfectly fine (which is great news for us odd phoneys of course). And the bonus is that when you get good feedback and things done that way it will quite possibly push you to try channels which are less comfortable (hey I'm talking to you telephone)

~ when you're bursting with great news and they are work-related you can't always share in blog. Let's just say I'm pretty pleased at the moment - and I love how everything is connected, the unexpected bonus of cross-fertilisation all the time is mind-blowing. This constant buzz of usefulness, goodness me!

~ the same as above goes for lowpoints, work-related (like people who think mind-reading is a good way to make business happen) and otherwise. I just don't get some people. Like the ones who blatantly keep 'misunderstanding' things, words, situations. Who lashes out on people they should know mean well, in spiteful, scornful and hurtful ways.

~ engulfed in anger and bitterness, however initially justifiable and understandable, will most certainly stop you from being open and seeing the good things around you. It will relentlessly eat up your energy and push people away. Your attitude can both attract as well as repel. And yes it seems that some people still haven't got the simple fact that mind and body are connected. Sometimes one just has to sit down and analyze one's own behaviour, especially when the negative spiral seems like a neverending one. Really, it doesn't hurt to try and let new ideas in. For your own good if nothing else.

And yes, I constantly analyze my own behaviour and thoughts, sometimes I react in the silliest of ways, other times I'm a wise owl, which conclusions can I draw to keep my mindset more objective and approach more logical next time something happens. Attitude may not be everything, but it sure means a lot.

~ choose your battles and pursuits carefully, your yes' and your nos too.

~ I surprised myself today by celebrating this last week of summer and good news with getting something work-related and not a pair of new shoes. I love that I can still surprise myself in silly little ways like that.

Want to kick off your weekend with a good laugh? Then do read this piece about 14 Swedish words that conflict with the 'Swedish furniture company' products they name

Wishing you a lovely last weekend of August,
filled with sunshine, smiles and nice surprises ~

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

I am very glad that August is ending in an awesome way for you - and loved those incongrous product names. Thank you - and have a wonderful weekend.

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