Thursday, August 08, 2013

stickers on the commuter train

commuter train stickers

adore these happy stickers on the stockholm commuter train. i'm guessing they're a part of a refresh the train (better late than never) campaign.

1. the little guy on the door shows that you should push the button in order to open the door (to save energy and air condition).

commuter train stickers

2. 'kontaktsökande?' looking for a contact? a few (too few) seats have a charge for your mobile/computer.

commuter train stickers

3. 'psst' - put larger bags here

commuter train stickers

4. in this wagon all seats have new covers. a part of refreshing the commuter  trains 30000 seats.

commuter train stickers

5. head in the clouds, feet on the ground (ie not on the seats)

commuter train stickers

6. little happy rainbow guy (possibly a sticker for the recent stockholm pride week).

smiley happy people!

commuter train stickers


Elephant's Child said...

They are gorgeous. So much more fun than anything we have.

Kea said...

They're adorable. Our public transit has nothing interesting at all in the way of stickers or advertising or other signs. Except, perhaps, the occasional creative graffiti. (In-city buses, not commuter trains.)

Poppy Q said...

Cute. Our trains look they have come from Communist Russia.

Marie said...

Goodness, things have improved on SL! I used to commute to Stockholm C daily from Nynäshamn until we moved to bondvischan and the trains were invariably dirty and decrepit. I can't say that I miss them :-)

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