Thursday, August 15, 2013

a shoe box with soul

ART shoe box

With the latest pair of shoes (from ART this time) I took notice of the shoe box, which I had only glanced at before. And I have to say, that all of those features that the brand is said to encapsulate are also traits I stand for and embrace - well apart from the "rough" maybe, but as someone pointed out it can very well mean sturdy, long-lasting and reliable too -

such a fine coincidence I stumbled over the brand in Lisbon a few years back. Or shall we call it serendipity? And possible a good nose for sniffing out the perfect shoes? (That nose that also sniffs a cosy, perfect cafe from a mile away.)

* Metropolitan
* Globetrotter
* Recycled
* Crazy
* Alternative
* Creative
* Cool
* Colourful
* Rough
* Soul

In this world of companies, institutions, organisations, people that make your heart sink due to their soullessness I'm glad I have at least found a few brands I love and whose overall company culture I can pretty much embrace as a whole (even if, in this shoe case, as usual, in a perfect world I would prefer if the shoes were made of ecofriendly, good for your feet, long-lasting vegan materials or recycled leather).

How about you, do you have any favourite brands?
And if so, what is it that you love about them?

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Marie said...

I have a huge shoe fetish that alas I haven't been able to continue after I moved here (partly financial, partly climate, partly knee injury ruling out my more outlandish shoes). However, this summer I stumbled across a lovely range of shoes from Arcopedico ( that I fell in love with. I bought two pairs (a pair of sensible brogues and a pretty Mary-Jane style) and inspired my man to invest in both shoes and summer sandals. Even a dog walking friend went and bought some shoes after I raved about their quality and comfort. Now I'm coveting their bright orange winter boots.

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