Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the innocent hedgehog

hedgehog innocent

A while back I promised more photos of the hedgehogs 2013, it's been a while since they visited now. It has rained quite a bit on and off these past few weeks and perhaps it isn't as difficult for them to find food elsewhere anymore since they haven't showed any interest in the cat food served here recently. I do hope they are well in their new dwellings.

The last time I had the great pleasure of their visit I did however capture a few rather endearing moments I still smile about.

hedgehog 2013

Two of the hedgehogs weren't very nice at all towards the third one, there were a couple of skirmishes and the bullied one ended up like this. Which was rather adorable, even if the behaviour that caused it was unfriendly.


hedgehog 2013

After regaining his/her composure s/he had a wee walk around garden - followed as usual - and then found great interest in one of the Innocent smoothie packagings I was pre-separating after the event. Absolutely adorable of course. Proof that all sorts and types obviously enjoy a sip of Innocent, in case there was ever any doubt of that.

hedgehog 2013


Elephant's Child said...

They are enchanting shots - thank you.

Marie said...

Lucky you! We have a family of them in our neighbourhood, though it's apparently frowned on to feed them here. I have to make do with watching them.

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