Saturday, August 10, 2013

perfect shoes and perfect cats


Downloading pictures from the camera and came across this, which perfectly epitomizes two great matters that make my life a happier one. Perfect shoes and perfect cats. Regular readers of this blog of course already know this, but still it's a fact that does well repeating. Says the shoe- and cat lover.

So what is the perfect shoe? For me it is pleasing to the eye (obviously boring colours/models are no nos!) as well as comfortable, preferably for many hours of walking. Craftsmanship and organic/recycled materials, quirky and ingenious details are also important. And, apart from boots, like gorgeous blue ones for example, I basically only wear maryjanes or oxfords. Because I love how they masterfully combine both creativity with a touch of playfulness and professionalism depending on accessories.

And yes, such a perfect shoe is able to lift the mood and spirit on even the most glum, drab of days (when you have to play your offical part and it's impossible to simply curl up in sofa with a good movie and cups of tea).

And what about the perfect cat? Of course every cat is the perfect cat, just being a cat is the essence of perfection. But still, just like any being wandering this earth, some has that special look, that special personality, that extraordinary ungraspable thing that speak volumes to your eyes, heart and mind.

And yes, such a perfect cat is also able to soothe a troubled soul on the most melancholic, blue of days. The perfect remedy for a sorrowful mind is to cuddle a perfect cat.

And perfect shoes are of course loved by perfect cats, needless to say. (And obviously I wouldn't dream of not giving you the perfect examples of that, three such examples you can find here and here and here.)

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Elephant's Child said...

I don't have the shoe loving gene - but make up for it with my love of all things feline.

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