Wednesday, October 30, 2013

eating in season

eating in season

I really love the concept of eating in season, good for the environment, the health and the wallet, what's not to embrace?!

However one thing that has not worked so great this past awesome year of 2013 is my interest in cooking, I'm totally in a boring rut of about five dishes I "vary" myself with. And it's not as I eat crap food, there's always plenty of veggies a day, it's just not in very exciting dishes. I can't be bothered with cooking, I completely lack inspiration in the food department and I constantly find myself way over-hungry and then it has to be something quick and easy.

But I'm thinking that if I make a real effort in scouting just the special fruit and veggies of the season (though I will most likely cheat adding frozen ones too) I have to force myself to vary my cooking again. In theory it sounds like a great idea - it still remains to see if I can practice it too. Fingers crossed.

Carrots and courgettes are veggies I always have in the fridge, now there's a white cabbage there too. My repertoire has a new player, what will I make for dinner I wonder...

Are you good at eating in season?
Do you pretty much always have inspiration for a varied cooking?
And what are your favourite (vegetarian or vegan of course) dishes to make?

eating in season


Poppy Q said...

Haha - great minds think alike. I feel in a cooking rut, and am so bored with what I have been making lately. So I have pulled out the recipe books. Tonight I tried Jamie Oliver, and learnt a new way of making potatoes, which I really enjoyed. Chopped up some small potatoes, put in a bowl with salt + pepper + a half lemon. 2 layers of glad wrap, and microwaved til cooked. Then add 1 tablespoon whole seed mustard + olive oil + chopped parsley. Awesome and very tasty and I will make again.

I try to eat in season and eat local too. Love that spring veg are more available and becoming cheaper here at the moment.

Julie Q

Marie said...

I'm also a fan of eating in season and looking for local produce. We are a little handicapped by living in a town with only one grocery shop, although in Nyköping they do have farmer's markets. I have a small kolonilott where we grow some things and swap with other gardeners there and that's been good.

Otherwise I scan the net regularly for recipes because I love to cook. We try all kinds of new things - this might be a good start: (she has recipes every month) and I like as well.

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