Monday, October 21, 2013

like cat like owner

'i have to say this and you really should take it as a compliment, your cats, you really look like your cats. or they look like you. the same features and facial expression. you know that photo of the red one on instagram the other day? spot on you!'

and i have to say, as far as look alike and looks compliments go, that's one of the sweetest ones i've ever gotten! (it's happened before, but that was many years ago but i thought it was a darlin' thing to say then too.)

apart from the fur/hairstyle little loaf and i were never really the like mistress like dog-pair. and to be honest i much prefer to be look alike with a cat.

and the notion of that i actually could get away with having a british shorthair avatar and still be recognized to be me when meeting people irl, that is pure brilliance as far as i'm concerned!

the photo that brought this discussion on was this one, let me introduce you to the feline equivalent of me ~

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

Zigne looks so pleased with herself. And yes, being compared to a cat is definitely a compliment.

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