Sunday, October 06, 2013

life without a smartphone - books, yarn, movies and cats


This past week without an iPhone has been quite enlightening. In an interesting blend of frustration and liberation. And philosophy.

~ as I am a person who sees EVERYTHING in pictures it's been such a wonderful thing to be able to quickly capture that with a smartphone, instead of all those years of most always carrying around the DSLR in the handbag. So when I suddenly found myself without that possibility it's been difficult to fully enjoy moments out and about with things that can't be captured, remembered, shared in the way one has grown used to. I don't think life is necessarily richer or poorer without that, but it has been an eye-opener, something to ponder.

~ if you can't capture moments and things with a camera/smartphone, have they really happened, do they really exist?

~ with not having the possibility an arm's length away to tweet or instagram and so forth, the options of reading, knitting and watching movies a plethora this weekend have been easy. So that's what I've done. It's been lovely.


After taking this picture this back-piece of the sweater to be is finished and I've knitted half of the front-piece too. Hopefully the sweater will actually be finished in a very reasonably amount of time. If it will look good and fit, that remains to be seen.

Finished two books, on with just some chapters left, the other one with just some chapters read. Both very enjoyable in their own ways. Plan to write more about them later. Begun reading a new book, not sure if it's worth my time though, some foodie chiclit that doesn't really appeal. Time's too short to be reading unappealing literature.


Not all paw inspectors are skillful. Seconds after this picture was taken the liquorice one tried to ran away with the knitting and his claws made a bit of damage to the sweater to be. He will not be hired to do more yarn and knitting inspecting.

Not sure what I'll be doing with the insights above when new iPhone will be in use, perhaps make a real effort to put the phone away on weekends and concentrate on reading, knitting and movies?

Do you have any strategies regarding
your use and non-use of your smartphone?

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Tereza said...

I read once about a man who went to a beach with his wife. She was very beautiful that day and he felt sorry he didn´t take his camera to te beach so he could take a picture. Many years after he is happy he didn´t take any picures, because he still can remember that day and how beautiful his wife was on this sunny afternoon. He said that he remebers this afternoon so vividly, because he "had to", with a camera he could jzst take a picture and forget, because it would be on the picture...

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