Monday, October 07, 2013

art oteiza boots in purple


A simple introduction to the latest shoe (boots) arrival. A pre-birthday gift that obviously had my name written all over them; just one pair left, my size, 50% sale, a lovely colour (that is seemingly impossible to get right in picture, but a delightful blend of purple and winered) and the model needless to say spoke to me... Adore the rounded toes! And the leather texture, though of course I wish it was recycled leather... Hopefully something that we will see more of in a near future! From ART shoes.

Won't be inauguarated until it gets below zero, so I can't say if they're only pretty to look at and not comfortable yet. But they do feel comfortable and the heel height is perfect (thought it would be higher, but this is just like my favourite shoe model, the El Naturalista Tesela ie perfection).


Will you be getting new boots this season?
If so, where from and what colour?

1 comment:

Poppy Q said...

The boots are gorgeous Miss Pia and will be nice and worn in for our birthday.

Julie Q

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