Thursday, October 03, 2013

tedx stockholm warm up - unchartered waters

red apples

Went to my first Tedx Stockholm talk this evening. With the theme being Unchartered waters - navigating the unknown. My short and personal summary about it is this;

~ my mind was not blown by the two Swedish speakers, but one of them made me think and new thoughts and ideas are never bad to get.

~ my mind was very impressed and rather blown my this girl talking on video though, Adora Svitak - if you haven't seen it, go do so NOW!

~ the venue and the ambiance were lovely, but as I was quite content and occupied with the company I went there with I wasn't really interested in talking to new people. That's possibly something to change next time - though even if my mind rarely needs a rest from new ideas it more often than not needs a rest from interacting with new people. As much as it can be lovely, it can also be quite exhausting albeit inspiring.

As this evening was only the warm up for the main event on October 21, things can only get better. And it will. And next time I will indeed have a new iPhone to tweet and snap from (it's rather scary how vulnerable and unaccessable you can feel without a smartphone, how quickly you get accustomed to its usefulness and being a part of who you are and a work tool. And how quickly that can be snatched away...)

Have you been to a Tedx event, or even a real Ted event?
What did you think, was your mind blown?

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