Thursday, October 17, 2013

the cat in a tree

the tree climber

Granted (touch wood) I've had very few incidents with feline escape artists. But the littlest one, Ågot, has been intent on annoying me all summer with her outings up on the garden shed roof and leisurely walks over to the neighbour's roof (which apparently offers much better sun spots than our perfectly fine and sunny garden).

I've been so grateful she hasn't enticed her half sisters Red and White to follow suit.

the tree climber

Until now. Because this is who I found up on the garden shed roof the other day. And she wasn't nearly as clever and capable to get herself down as little sister. So after sauntering about up there for a couple of hours, unlike little sister deeming the height to high for jumping down, she tried to get herself down to ground level by climbing to the top of the tree.

When I got the cameras to snap a few photos her whole apparition oozed 'I'm fighting for my life up here and you take out the camera?!'.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I seriously doubt some individuals in my fabulous furry bunch are as clever as they like to think themselves to be.

the tree climber

NB No cat was harmed in the taking of these pictures. The silly little she got herself down eventually.

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Elephant's Child said...

I hear you. Jewel made a practice of getting onto the neighbour's roof - and then crying and insisting she was stuck. It took several months before she learned to get down without assistance.

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