Wednesday, October 02, 2013

the carrot day after


With only few hours sleep after the day that ended with the iPhone theft the day has been incredibly busy, not only with the unfortunate aftermath of said theft but with good things too. I'm so grateful for the good things which always make the other things more bearable and possibly kept in proportion.

Today I learnt that with all the chatting the customer service at phone companies and insurance companies want to do no wonder the telephone queues are so long. I won't complain about that though, because I much rather talk to those überfriendly people than the opposite (as an odd phoney that is indeed nice for a change).

I also learnt that I'm far from the only one experiencing and taking notice of serendipity. Heart.

And that when a new pair of shoes arrive (the pre-birthday gift boots, which looked utterly übercool and snazzy) and you don't have an iPhone to take an Instagram snap with it's pretty much like those boots don't exist at all. (How about that for a first world problem!)

That even if you do get compensation from the insurance company it's far beyond what a new phone will cost. But something is better than nothing. One day I will be a rich girl thus then semi-laugh at having to pay so much for getting a working tool and essential gadget replaced, just because someone else couldn't respect other people's property.

That it's good to actually have a clear image beforehand of the steps you have to take to get control over matters when something like this happens. Because something like this always happens unexpectedly.

And that when there's no cake in sight, having a bunch of carrots is always a nice way to perk oneself up. At least for us "suffering" from the carrot defect.

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