Friday, October 18, 2013

october heart


My days are full, which is partly great, partly not, but mostly good, I'm certainly not complaining. But granted I could do with being less scattebrained more focused on one task at the time, then I would probably feel my days were less full somehow.

On the other hand I do adore the cross-fertilization and thoughts awaken coming from not doing only one task at a time. So no, not really complaining about that either. Just mulling the facts of my life right now.

Since the days are full of other writing than in this particular blogosphere world of mine I don't get much time or energy to blog. But that is of course alright, that's life and blogging should never be an obligation.

I still believe in the I blog therefore I am as I wrote a year ago - when my life was oh so different, I love how much that have changed since! - but one thing that is truly dear about blogging is that it isn't static, it's dynamic and changeable. And right now, at this time in life, less is more in blog for me.

Have a lovely October weekend,
nature is vibrating in amazing
colours right now! Heart.

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

Blogging is not an obligation - though it can feel like that.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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