Sunday, October 27, 2013

skin rescuer

kiehl's skincare

still haven't found an all-year-round moisturizer that works for my skin. the aloe vera one from body shop that was lovely during the summer that was just isn't enough for my sad dry winter skin unfortunately.

and the classic kiehl's one doesn't do the pretty trick anymore either. probably an age thing, sigh. so i have high hopes for this one, skin rescuer from kiehl's too, which is supposedly good against redness too. fingers crossed.

kiehl's skincare

also found out that kiehl's now has a recycle bottles in store-system in which you get bonus products. and even if one of course always recycles bottles and jars bonus or not, it is indeed nice to get a little sweet reward in life now and then.

what's your favourite facial product?

EDIT - during the hot summer of 2014 i found that this face cream is great for my skin actually. apparently it just isn't enough for my skin type during long, dry, cold winter months. but as a summer facial cream it gets lots of thumbs up!

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Marie said...

I swear by Clarins "Beauty Flash Balm". I don't use very much in the way of beauty products as I am very fair skinned and get allergic reactions to a lot of products (even the so-called hypo-allergenic" ones). But this cream is lovely and always gives my skin a boost.

I used it when I lived in South Australia as the climate was hot and very dry. Here in Sweden, it's the dry winters and the central heating that do the damage. It works just as well in either country :-)

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