Tuesday, October 08, 2013

mynewsday stockholm 2013


For the third year the Swedish company MyNewsdesk (a website for PR and brand management) hosted an event about just that, communication.

It was a day jampacked with inspiration as well as unfortunate yawn inducing lowpoints, and the in between. And once again, as too often, just because you are good within your field, really clever and awesome at your work, unfortunately that doesn't mean you're a great and engaging speaker with that special ability to convey your message in a pleasing and entertaining way (sans too much specialist language) that makes people feel inspired and wanting to learn more.

My three favourite speakers of the Mynewsday, with different messages wrapped up in a personal way were these;

mynewsday sthlm 2013

Catarina Clöwe, who held a very heartfelt and fun talk about her creative personal ad looking for love as a gay woman. Which got a massive effect in social media and media - and yes she did find true love through her creativity.

mynewsday sthlm 2013

Mats Adamczak, from Åland, who spoke about storytelling, engagement, stickiness - too much interesting information to process though, so I'm glad he has a slideshare to share online.

mynewsday sthlm 2013

Renata Chlumska, who spoke very passionately about her adventures around the world and goal targeting - I am very sceptical about adrenaline junkies and people who feel the need to put themselves in danger to reach such goals (especially when they have children). But her attitude was very contagious and I'm a firm believer in focusing on goals, working towards them. She held a great pep talk!

I'm very pleased I got the new iPhone to work in time for the event, but juggling the camera (and editing, you can not post iPhone pictures without editing first, you just can't...) and three different Twitter-accounts simultaneously plus listen and process (new) information... it wasn't easy, but I made it (reasonably well)! It was a great day (minus some hickups) and also an exhausting day. But most of all, very inspiring and idea inducing in different ways. And you can't have too much of inspiring days and inspirational people, right? Right.

If you hadn't the opportunity to be at the event yourself, you can find it online next week here.

mynewsday sthlm 2013

PS But really, the day would have been even more inspiring if people (including the audience) hadn't insisted on wearing the boring black 'colour' so much (and, in the case of the day, I don't care if it's the 'company colour' accents of red just isn't enough). Colour, people, colour is always true inspirational awesomeness! DS

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