Monday, October 28, 2013

the skeleton room


I reasonably regularly take advantage of different skincare and body treatments at beauty and massage schools in Stockholm, where there are pretty great discounts on treatments when the students practice their skills. Most of the time I've been very happy with the treatments (my favourite ones have been aromatherapy massage, medical pedicure and facials), a few times have been lousy -

for various reasons, like someone training to be a masseur refused to massage without wearing plastic gloves or that chiropodist to be who wasn't very interested in taking her time doing a good job with the pedicure. Not to mention a few guys training to be masseurs who actually stayed and chatted while I un-dressed and dressed. Seriously, I thought that was THE first thing you were taught in masseur school, to respect the privacy of clients. I suppose I should have complained, but I couldn't be bothered then. Now I would. -

Today, after a rather brutal session of zone therapy (I don't remember it being quite as painful in parts, maybe it's the age talking...) I caught a glimpse of this room. My immediate conclusion was;

oops, I guess this is what happens when the student treatments go terribly wrong.

So I suppose I shouldn't complain about lousiness above, as things could be so much worse. One could indeed end up in the skeleton room.

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Elephant's Child said...

Just proof that you can indeed be too thin. Wallis Simpson was wrong.

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