Saturday, October 05, 2013

knitting a sweater


For a while now I've been oogling a fabulously pretty, colourful, striped sweater in a little yarn shop's window - but do I really feel like knitting a sweater? Haven't I most always been terribly disappointed by the end result when it comes to cardigans and sweaters, either too big or too small, most always ill-fitting?

Today I decided I would at least ask how much the yarn would be for that sweater. Turned out it would be crazy expensive actually, so it was alas not for me. But, the original pattern called for organic wool in natural colours only (which I tend to find rather boring generally) and the totally cost for that would be about a third of the price for the colourful yarn. Which would indeed be more than a reasonable price for it!

So I went with a pale grey (much like the iPad cover, perhaps grey is partly my "colour" for the season?) and chose one colourful hank to create some perky striped parts amidst all the grey to create a bit of oomf. It's such an adorable, simple pattern, I hope my knitting skills will be up for making a sweater that I will actually enjoy wearing.

This will be my first yarn project for myself this autumn/winter season. What's yours?

The pale lavender hank in front was on sale,
it will be turned into a cosy cap for winter season 2013.


Elephant's Child said...

My yarn project is enjoying other people's creations. I have no skills in that area. None. Nada. Zip.

Poppy Q said...

Hahaha snap. I went to the wool shop yesterday and spent way too much money on wool (mostly grey too) to crochet a peggy square blanket. Great minds think alike.

Julie Q

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