Sunday, October 13, 2013

lemon tea


This tea was something unexpected and delightful I got to take home with me from the Mynewsday the other week, goodie bags are indeed rather enjoyable.

As much as I like Yogi teas I also find they are in general too strong for me to have in the evenings, but this lemon, dandelion, liquorice is lovely in every aspects actually. Taste- and sleepwise. Do try!

Do you have any new tea favourite this autumn?

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Marie said...

I'm enjoying a couple of the Friggs brand of teas. My favourites are the
Rooibos Blåbär and their Örtte Nypon. I'll have to look out for Yogi Teas. I'm not likely to find them here in bondvischan, but they might have them in Nyköping.

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