Monday, December 02, 2013

bobbaloos dream of travelling


Got the smallsized woollies a size befitting terrestrial globe recently. Ever since then they've been mesmerized by the prospect of travelling. Especially the ones who still haven't been abroad (since they arrived in Sweden). Somehow the fika experiences and such aren't really enough, not even for a bobbaloo.

Unfortunately there are no abroad travel plans in a near future at the moment -

and the fact that I actually do not feel a bit sad about that makes me feel all grown up somehow and also confirms that I am just where I should be in my life right now. Yes I'm still waiting for things to fall in place in certain areas, but overall I feel content, confident and expectant. It's indeed a lovely trio of feelings.

Once again, 2013 has brought so much awesomeness (after the initial and unexpected grief...) and I can't but embrace it and feel grateful for being here and now. Travelling to old and new places are of course most always wonderful and enlightening, but the here and now at home is the perfect place for my heart at this moment in time

so the bobbaloos will have to settle for dreaming. And fika. For now.


1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

So glad to hear that your life is in a good place. Long may it continue.

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