Monday, December 23, 2013

lovikka mittens 2012/13

lovikka mittens 2013

I actually knitted these two pair of Lovikka mittens pretty much exactly a year ago. I just never got around to do the embroidery until now. And since none of us (the blue ones are for me, the orange ones a gift) were in desperate need of another couple of mittens it hasn't been a priority.

And with a long, hot summer and a green winter, really thick mittens hasn't been called for. (Any excuse is good, unless it's a really bad excuse.)

But it seemed awfully... silly not to finish them completely before the end of the year, so here they are. Lovikka mittens 2012/13.

lovikka mittens 2013

I have to say I really very much enjoy both colours. Love that the Lovikka yarn comes in so many fresh, modern colours these days, even neon-ish ones. I have my eyes set on making a pair of neon-ish green ones some time soon. I do not enjoy neon colours in general (they fall in the category of loathsome animal prints and metallic colours) but the clash between a classic, sensible pattern like Lovikka design and neon-ish wool was quite irresistable really.

Apparently one can't have too many scarves, shawls, magic socks, wristwarmers, beanies, hats or Lovikka mittens...

lovikka mittens 2013

Some of my previous Lovikka mittens -
very blue
grey, red and pink


RedPat said...

I have some that are at least 30 years old. I didn't know that's what they are called!

Unknown said...

Love the mittens! They add a little sparkle to the winter weather!

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