Friday, December 13, 2013

happy lucia day 2013 ~

lussekatter I 2013

My first batch of lussekatter baking was as usual overseen by bobbaloos - someone named Lucia Bun took his task seriously, because what else can you expect from someone born from a lussekatt vision?

lussekatter I 2013

lucia bun and lussekatter

lussekatter I 2013

lussekatter I 2013
Yes lussekatt-modeling can be tad dangerous too...

lussekatter I 2013

lussekatter I 2013

Happy Lucia one and all,
hope your day will be light and saffron bun-filled!

Want to bake your own lussekatt-buns? Recipe here.
(I will bake a vegan version asap,
if they turn out great I will post recipe here too.)

Previous posts on the Swedish tradition Lucia -
from 2006 - with a little Pia as Lucia in kindergarten
from 2007 - how to distinguish an authentic lussekatt
from 2008 

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

So nice to have help in the kitchen...

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