Saturday, December 21, 2013

winter solstice 2013


I am so happy and relieved that we're now at the peak of darkness and from now on the days will only get lighter and brighter, albeit in baby steps. But I miss the light and a decent amount of sun so very much - and vitamin D hasn't helped in an obvious way, though who knows what life would have felt like without it? - and I'm grateful to finally being able to see that light in the end of a long dark, Scandinavian winter tunnel of sorts.

A year ago it was a winter wonderland here, blizzard and cold. Now we're back to green winter - which granted is disturbing on these latitudes, from an environmental point of view, even if I love the fact that there's no ice! - but during those three days of unwelcomed snow my energy levels rose and I felt much lighter and more inspired than I've felt for months now. So that's what light in shape of snowflakes on the ground can do, apparently.

Happy winter solstice, one and all,
I hope your winter
(or summer on the other side of the globe)
is treating you well!


Elephant's Child said...

I am equally happy to have just passed the summer solstice and to be making baby steps towards more moderate temperatures. And nights which are cool enough to sleep in.

Unknown said...

Yes, we are definitely glad to have overcome the shortest day of the year! Even though we know it will be some time before we notice the longer days...there is nowhere to go, but up!
Wishing you longer days and bright hopes for the new year!

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