Sunday, December 29, 2013

you had me at hello

pretty parcel

I've always enjoyed that phrase "You had me at hello", because really, sometimes life is as simple as that. As a lover of words, long sentences and circumscribing I admittedly have trouble practising it. But it's a definitely a work in progress, I'm getting better and better at it. Promise.

And by that I don't mean I only see it as a phrase working when it comes to romance. It's actually quite applicable to whatever nice people that come your way. You know that special feeling of instant likeability, "wow, this seems like a very sympathique person I'd like to get to know more about".

Yes I believe in the soul mate concept, but I also think that a soul mate can come in many shapes and forms. The feelings you have for a really good friend or a great colleague can be compared to the ones you have for a lover. When it (almost) feels you can read eachothers minds, a simple glance and you're on the same page. The silent communication that actually works, oh how I adore when that happens! And since it doesn't happen all that often it's even more treasured when it does.

I have to say though, that this past year (yes my love for 2013 is deep) it has happened quite a few a lot of times. A likely part in my shift of thinking.

2013 has really brought such a plethora of different, amazing people to cross my life path, some briefly some for the long-stay. I am deeply grateful for every such meeting and what that has taught me, what they might lead to, don't know where, don't know when, but some day.

I also firmly believe that the handshake tells a lot about a person, something 2013 definitely has confirmed to me.

On the last shivering days of this fantastic year I am also so very grateful for the fact that it has been a wonderful year of learning, soul-searching and insightfulness. I have learnt so many things about myself (the really good stuff I'm proud of, the stuff that needs working on to be improved and all the things in between) and about others. Why they act like they do is far from always found in an simple answer, the parameters are likely to contain many unknowns and personal details.

I've learnt about the importance of being open, to listen, learn and trust. The very real thing that is serendipity and magic, if we just allow ourselves to be open-minded, go with the gut feeling and dare to be at least a little bit brave now and then. To be kind and compassionate, to never ever stop being curious and creative. That is how we grow as human beings, earthlings.

And even if I'm not known for my patience I do believe that when people, beings, are meant to meet they do, the same thing goes for when it's time to say goodbye. And no, that doesn't not mean that we can sit and wait for things (magic) to happen, it simply means we have to be open to it.

Dear 2013, as much as I've loved pretty much everything with you (one big exception, but I know it did make some crazy and heartbreaking sense somehow) I'm also ready to bid farewell, with a heartfelt thank you ever so much for being amazing and overall so very eye-opening and kind to me. I know 2014 will be even more wonderful, I actually do. Welcome, new year, I am ready, curious and expectant in the loveliest of ways.

Tomorrow there'll be a 2013 in 12 pictures (or why not 13?) post, after that - bring on 2014!


Elephant's Child said...

I am so glad that (heart-break aside) 2013 has been a positive year for you. More and better next year...

Unknown said...

As we move from one year to the next we need to have an open mind, an inkling that everything will be better and the anticipation of new things to come. Without all of these things, we would not be able to survive a new year. Hopefully, a new year brings new beginnings and the ability to enhance what has gone before.

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