Monday, December 09, 2013

supersized red scarf


a couple of years ago i saw a supersized red wool scarf in a magazine, knitted in different patterns and i fell in immediate lust for a supersized red scarf.

the price for said (non handmade) scarf was a bit hefty, to say the least, so i felt it was a good idea to get bright red yarn and make my own similar scarf to bright and warm up winter days and outfits.

this is how far i've come on project supersized red scarf (with sploshes of magenta/bright pink, to lighten things up a bit more) really enjoy using different techniques and patterns like this, a great way to create a personal oddbird look. 

i think it needs to be at least twice as long before it can be considered a finished project. but as it's a rather quick work and great to have in front of the telly i definitely see it finished before the end of the year ie no longer than three weeks from now.

it will be lovely to sport a supersized red, woolly scarf i'm sure!

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