Monday, December 16, 2013

a rice grain named pia

a rice grain named pia

M has a habit of bringing the strangest things home from his business trips (which again and again makes me ponder the fact that, after all these years, he really doesn't know me at all, he just seems to think so).

Sometimes though, the strangest things are rather intriguing. Making you think about how many different occupations and talents that exist on this planet of ours. In China one apparently being writing names in all kinds of languages and lengths on a single rice grain.

Needless to say for a ridiculously low sum of money. At least a very short three letter word didn't take a lot of time to write. But still, a tiny symbol for what we in the Western world in general pay for goods made with a lot of hard work and skills in other parts of the world.

Say hallo to a rice grain named Pia.

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Elephant's Child said...

Definitely intriguing.

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