Saturday, December 14, 2013

the christmas fair loot

christmas fair loot

So these are the prettiest things I took home with me from the Christmas fairs last weekend;

~ a pair of fine aran knitted socks (infuriatingly cheap given the time and competence put into knitting them, but at least they end up on someone who truly appreciates the work's feet). I may knit magical socks myself but I've still to venture into the world of aran knitted ones.

(Although I've knitted some aran sweaters when in high school, ie ages and ages ago, but being true to myself when it comes to my knitted sweaters I never enjoyed wearing them. But when knitting the supersized red scarf I've tried aran knit again and I have to say I'd really love to make a proper garment in that style, a vest perhaps?)

~ adorable linen hearts filled with lavender and embellished with needlefelted roses (two to keep, two to give away)

~ a simple fir tree wreath that needs a bit of sprucing up before it'll adorn my front door


~ a very cute fox collar (also infuriatingly cheap, both the aran socks and this one were bought from the same market stall as last year's cat scarf) which is quite inspirational in knitting style

red yarn ball earrings

~ a sweet pair of yarn ball earrings, no matter how befitting they are for knitting me they are indeed a gift for my mother. I think she'll love them. Well, she'd better, because otherwise I'll snatch them right back!

Earrings are made by Anitha Havaas, who is a friend of a friend, whom I met at the Vinterviken fair. She has also made the awesome pattern for the beautiful Stockholm mittens which you can buy at Ravelry. Such a great idea, to wear a little warming piece of Stockholm on your hands during winters!


Elephant's Child said...

Gorgeous. Some lovely gifts there...

Marie said...

That fox collar is fantastic! I must pencil in Vinterviken for next year as it looks like the sort of market we'd enjoy. And we have family at Gröndal, so we can make a day of it.

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