Thursday, December 05, 2013

first snow 2013

first snow 2013

First snow has arrived in Stockholm (and there's talk about more coming, in a storm called Sven I think). Neither I nor bobbaloos are impressed.

Once upon a time I thought a proper winter should hold lots of snow. And even if I still think it's very pretty and light up the dark winter days it also means ice and slippery streets and if there's something I absolutely hate hate hate it is ice and slippery roads/streets.

Chaos in public transportation just keeps getting worse every year when snow falls, because apparently trains, buses and rails these days can't handle snow, cold and ice.

And I sure appreciate a kinder kind of monthly electrical bill. Snow does not bring that.

So no, we are not amused by snow.

first snow 2013


Elephant's Child said...

I rarely see snow, so its magic is still with me. Stay safe and warm.

Marie said...

I love the snow, but that may still be a novelty factor as I didn't grow up with it.

I bought some super gripping boots a couple of years back, so I never slip when I'm out. And I love that it lightens and brightens a dark December.

The public transport situation is a joke - if the Russians can run the Trans-Siberian Railway, why can't SL get it's act together? Amazing that they buy trains that can't handle snow and ice. Why are we paying these people?

Bianca said...

I hail from a country that rarely has 'proper' winters, instead we have one long, grey and dreary season that takes up about three quarters of the year.
In fact, when it comes to traveling we seem to be used to nothing at all. It seems to take only a little bit of wind or snow for trains to stop running.
Last Christmas I was in Montreal, where they're dealing on a yearly basis with a huge amount of snow. Upon my journey back home, I was very worried yet another blizzard would cause troubles. My friend was just shouldershrugging: "Where do you think you are? We have a country to run, ALSO in winter!" She was quite right: I had a smooth journey home. :-)

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