Sunday, December 01, 2013

happy december

saffron swirl bun

november went by in no time. it was a busy month, to be honest i'm not sure what i did (unless i check my calendar of course). but i know there was work and i met a lot of good people, old and new. the weather was incredibly glum and i felt more tired than inspired. but it was an alright month, more than alright really.

that said i'm looking forward to december, because in no time there'll be january and next year will be even better than this one. of that i'm sure.

and december will hold lots of lights, good meetings, good people and good work. and saffron buns. sunny buns. home-baked and bakery-bought.

i hope your december will be sunny, 
saffrony and joyous, 
have a lovely last month of 2013 ~

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