Friday, January 31, 2014

farewell january

stockholm morning

I was thinking about what I would say about the first month of 2014 and my instict was to say that it was a bit of a blaha month. But I think that would be unfair, it's only these last couple of weeks that have been rather blaha. With unpleasant lessons learnt. Or stuff of unnecessary nuisance. Which is of course something, employed or business owner, you can never escape (sadly) when dealing with people. Well, it hasn't have to be work related, dealing with people is tricky, period. At times it takes up a lot of energy.

But I'm also proud of myself when dealing with stuff like this, that I can (sort of) remain calm, breath and give argument. That I just don't accept. Being flexible is one thing, taken advantage of is quite another. Though sometimes the line is a fine one. And it's easy (too easy) to misunderstand eachother and the intentions. We need to get better at communicating.

Moving on to February - which I'm feeling super excited about! - these are the really good things I bring with me (I suppose the above lessons are some kind of good too, in anther way);

~ Quite a few meals containing that awesome carrot ginger juice. And on the last day of January I became a giddy owner of my own juicer. I see a near and far future of many freshly pressed carrot ginger juices. Beetroot orange and spinach apple ones too. Etc etc.

~ One absolutely wonderful and special coat. Which goes really well with a special hat. Not to mention having made me rekindle with a wonderful old tweed bag.

~ Sort of getting my cooking mojo back.

~ So so many fabulous ideas of all sorts. Collaborations and excitement galore. I'm not patient by birth, but sometimes I surprise myself with the patience I show. Teamed with persistence. Because I recognize great things, must things. And they need to happen.

~ I've quite enjoyed all this snow. And touch wood, the ice hasn't been too nasty. Touch wood again.

~ Fresh tulips.

~ Good and inspiring meetings with good and inspiring people.

Farewell January, you haven't been too bad, not too bad at all actually. May your sibling February bring even more of the great stuff and less of the not so happy matters!

So, how has your January been?
Good, bad, in between?
What are you looking forward to in February?

stockholm morning

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Unknown said...

January has been a good month! Usually it tends to drag, as the weather is dreary. For the most part, our weather has been glorious, (for January) Today, is a mostly sunny day with blue sky and bright white cloudy patches. A nice way to start a new month! There are lots of months remaining in the year!

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