Wednesday, April 30, 2014

farewell april

cowslip on walpurgis

For me April has been an overall good month, a surprising and hard working one, with, I'm grateful to say, more ups than downs. In parts a rather curious month with sprinkles of frustration and I'm still clueless about certain people's behaviour. Or rather a specific someone. Confusing and mixed messages seem to be the signature of some. When clearness has its obvious merits. I wish I was a mind-reader.

But, overall, April has been much enjoyed. Now I'm very much looking forward to May and all the excitement one of the prettiest months of the Scandinavian year will bring. Because I'm sure it will.

cowslip on walpurgis

Today my always-picking-flowers-mum brought be a tiny bouquet of freshly picked cowslips. I couldn't find a perfect wee bottle or vase for it so I ended up using an empty Innocent smoothie bottle. It looks like it has an unruly hair of cowslips. Yellow in yellow. With yellow bobbaloo. And dandelions. All is yellow. Inspected by little miss redhead. And sister white.

cowslip on walpurgis

Farewell fine April,
Happy Walpurgis,
Hallo sweet May ~

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